Security Board Advisor

A Chief Information Security Officer who works with your Board of Directors and Executive Management Team to qualify the state of maturity of your security program and measure your threat & risk posture for your threat landscape.

Executive Partner

A Chief Information Security Officer partners with your CXO and/or Security Management team to provide guidance and leadership support surrounding the building and operating of a mature security program.

Security Due Diligence

A Chief Information Security Officer supports your company’s Merger & Acquisition goals through industry expert evaluation of the Information Technology and Security risks associated to the relationship with focus on early identification of unseen risks and costs.

Why CSBA Group?

CSBA Group is owned and operated by Chief Information Security Officers (CISO), most of which have been executive officers in Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies. As CISOs, we know the challenges in managing an enterprise security program with limited budgets, competing priorities, and bringing visibility to the Executive Management Team and Board of Directors.

Value Added Resource

There are a few key areas that CSBA Group adds immeasurable value to your company:

Effective Reporting

Internal security assessments are largely skewed in a direction of false security confidence based on team resources, lacking evidence of controls, and sometimes the personal inhibitions of acknowledging gaps and risks in the program. CSBA provides an independent reporting view of the entire company and security program, and overlays the detailed metrics with an executive view of impacts to the businesses goals and objectives.

Security Program Status

The independent audits are too often a check-the-box process that follows a one-size-fits-all approach and does not incorporate a security expert understanding of true risk. This often leads to a false confidence in a security program; one that is not truly operating to reduce the risks of the most significant threats facing the company. CSBA CISO Advisors are industry certified experts who have managed global security programs of $50M+ sized companies and have the requisite experience to both identify the true risk and threat posture for your company.

Board Advisor

Works with Board of Directors & Executive Management to assess risks, potential cyber threats to your organization, and provides experienced knowledge & guidance.

Executive Partner

Develops a solid program and coordinates with your key organizational players to execute accordingly, while giving strong guidance and operational support.

Due Diligence

Detecting the problems and threats ahead of the curve by completing real-time checks and verification of industry evaluations to spot unseen risks and costs.

Effective Security Prioritization

Many security managers (CISO, ISO, Directors) report multiple levels down from the CEO and may not even have a place at formal Board meetings to share about the risk posture of the company. Even when a security manager is focused on providing the appropriate level of security controls and services, higher level management decisions concerning budget and business goals/objectives can minimize the risk reduction controls needed to address the most significant risks facing a company. CSBA Advisors have been in these situations before and know the impacts resulting from ineffective resource prioritization. Conversely, the CISOs also have the knowledge and experience to appropriately weigh the security risks verses the cost of remediation or risk deferral – so CSBA helps companies not overspend in areas of minimal risk.

Board-level Executive Cyber Security Expert

Many Boards do not have cyber security expertise through their sitting members. This gap in security expertise handicaps a Board in being able to have a commensurate level of confidence in their risk strategies as compared with their common areas of expertise (investments, M&A, etc.). This often leads to misappropriated resources, increased incidents, and ultimately a loss to business reputation and/or revenue. Through quarterly board-level reporting and advisory sessions, CSBA Advisors help Board of Directors and Executive Officers understand the business impacts of security issues, so they have the full set of details to make informed decisions.

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