Cyber Security Due Diligence

The Due Diligence service matches your company with an industry expert Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) who will lead a small team to evaluate the Information Technology assets and Information Security posture of your new company acquisition.

Minimizing Risk, Maximizing Reward

CSBA CISOs utilize a proprietary assessment model aligned with industry standard security frameworks to determine the security risk posture of the new acquisition.

Out with the Old, In with the New

In addition, the CISO evaluates the size, scale, resiliency, and maturity of the IT assets, network, and infrastructure; systems that are end-of-life, unlicensed, and exceeding complex often mean your new acquisition comes with unwanted remediation costs.

Stay Ahead of the Rest

Due Diligence is the best time to find out what technology burdens comes with the deal, enabling your business to negotiate the best terms of the acquisition.

Let's start the conversation of securing your organization.