Cyber Security CXO Partner

The CXO Partner service matches your company CEO, CIO, CISO, etc. with an industry expert Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Throughout the mentorship program, the CISO Partner will help your CXO define, develop, implement, and enhance your security program roadmap.

Targeted Support

The CISO Partner will provide strategic support for:

  • Cyber security leadership development and goal setting
  • Team building and transformation planning
  • Scorecard | metrics development & reporting
  • Managed services support evaluation & goal setting, and;
  • Knowledge share encompassing Executive Management | Board-level program justification.


Constant Touchbases

The program bridges your security management personnel with a qualified CISO Partner who meets with your CXO monthly, including 4 quarterly in-person half day sessions.

Let's start the conversation of securing your organization.